June 30th, 2011

Trade & Commerce

Shaktan Thampuran the torch bearer to shed away the darkness of superstition and illiteracy invited nine Christian families to Thrissur to lay foundation for the trade and commerce of this town. As a result, Thrissur rose up as the trend setter of business in the erstwhile state of Cochin. Before Thrissur prospered as the centre of business, rice used to be imported from Singapoor and Burma. But the people of Kerala were not satisfied that rice as if a foul smell resulting from the long time taken for transportation.


The location of Trichur district in Kerala is ideal for industrial development. Position of the city, facilities for transporting goods through rail, road and water, near to the Cochin port and availability of cheap man power etc... are favorable to the development of industry. Electricity and water supply are factors congenial for the growth and development of industries. But industrial development has been handicapped for want of natural resources and the raw materials required for the major manufacturing industries.


Paddy cultivationPaddy cultivation is by far the largest agricultural practice pursued by a major section of the people. The low lying lands are cultivated with paddy and are fit only for this purpose. The major irrigation works in the district are the Peechi, Vazhani, Chalakudy and Cheerakuzhi Projects. The ayacut of Peechi project which is the largest consists of 46,000 acres of cultivable land.

Right To Information

The Right to Information in local governments in Kerala state was in force  since 1962, at a time when the right was not well established anywhere in our country. It was as per the Kerala Panchayats(Custody of records and Grant of Copies of Proceedings or Records) Rules 1962 formulated as per the Kerala Panchayat Act 1960. The provisions of the statute, were further refined as part of the amendment of the Kerala Panchayat Raj Act in 1999, as per the recommendations of the S B Sen Committee, with refined provisions.


Important Hospitals

Arts & Culture

PooramThrissur is called as the Cultural Capital of the State.Thrissur occupies a prominent place in the history and culture of Kerala. It is also one of the main trade centers in the state.The present Thrissur District was carved out of a bigger District on 1st April, 1958. The town is built around the Temple of Vadakkumnathan. Trichur is famed for and wide for its pooram festival.

June 24th


E-governance in Corporation  focuses on improving national element of citizen services through defining service levels and outcomes; facilitating interactive interaction between local government, citizens and other stakeholders; improving quality of internal operation of local government; enhancing transparency and accountability; enhancing citizen interface and improving service delivery to citizens.Information Kerala Mission (IKM), the flagship e-governance project of the state government that works towards strengthening computerisation and networking of the  local bodies in the state, is billed as the largest and most comprehensive local bodies project in India.e-governanace programmes in corporation are progressing under the guidance of Inforamtion kerala mission.Major E-governanace activities in Corporation are in the following area:
    * Birth/ Death/ Marriage Certificate
    * Plan Monitoring
    * Building Permission
    * Tenders
    * Social Security Pension
    * PF Details of Employees