June 24th, 2011


E-governance in Corporation  focuses on improving national element of citizen services through defining service levels and outcomes; facilitating interactive interaction between local government, citizens and other stakeholders; improving quality of internal operation of local government; enhancing transparency and accountability; enhancing citizen interface and improving service delivery to citizens.Information Kerala Mission (IKM), the flagship e-governance project of the state government that works towards strengthening computerisation and networking of the  local bodies in the state, is billed as the largest and most comprehensive local bodies project in India.e-governanace programmes in corporation are progressing under the guidance of Inforamtion kerala mission.Major E-governanace activities in Corporation are in the following area:
    * Birth/ Death/ Marriage Certificate
    * Plan Monitoring
    * Building Permission
    * Tenders
    * Social Security Pension
    * PF Details of Employees

Technical Advisory Group

People’s Plan-2011-12

Details of Technical Advisory Group

Buildings, Roads and Bridges

1)    V.V. Sudhakaran, Retd.Engineering Superintendent, 18 K R A Valath House, P.O.Kanattukara.
       Phone: 2380426, 944641026
2)    V.S.Sidharthan, Anthikadu Veedu, Kariyachira P O, Thrissur.
3)    P.K.Abdullatheef, Retd.Prof., Palakkal Veedu, P.O.Engineering College.

About Corporation

Corporation officeThrissur municipality came into existence on I st July 1942 and later in the year 2000 it was upgraded to the level of municipal corporation, by merging the adjoining Ayyanthole, Ollukkara, Koorkanchery, Ollur and Vilvattom panchayths and parts of Nadathara panchayth with the erstwhile municipal area. Thrissur municipal corporation came into being on 2 nd October 2000 with a total area of 101.42 sq km.

June 23rd

Election Results

Election Details 2010

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The Cultural capital of Kerala, Thrissur, gained prominence under the reign of Raja Rama Varma in 1790. The entire credit for the rise of the modern city of Thrissur goes to Raja Rama Varma, who ascended the throne of the state of Kochi. Thrissur was for a brief period, the capital of the Kochi kingdom.